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Christ Church
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Beatles Mass

In February 2012, Christ Church hosted its first mass in which the traditional service music was replaced by a live band playing hits from the Beatles. The service was entitled "Here Comes the Son", but is better known as the Beatles Mass. Parishioner and local music celeb, Doug Thomas, along with his band, worked with Father Jeff in bringing the good news to people in an entirely unique way. Guests are encouraged to dress the part, sing along and sway to the tunes. The service is followed by an open mic party in the parish hall where attendants can listen to more sounds from the 60's and join in with their own voices and instruments.

"For many years, the Episcopal Church and other mainline denomination had the negative connotation of being the 'frozen chosen'", says Father Jeff. "We hope to show folks that the church doesn't take itself so seriously; there are many ways to worship God and to show Jesus is a groovy guy to know!"

Doug Thomas added, "There are many spiritual aspects to the music of the Beatles. Common themes of friendship, love, and helping others are universal in their music and in our beliefs as followers of Christ. It's a cool meld of these two, seemingly different, subject matters." As a side note, Doug got his musical start at Christ Church when, in the 1960's, he and his friends would play for weekly teen dances that were hosted in the church parish hall.

Celebrating its seventh anniversary, Saturday, February 03th, 2018, the Beatles Mass continues to be a well attended service.

Chirst Church - Warren, Ohio